Do Solar Panel Systems use Heat or Light to Generate Electricity?

Many people have confusion over the working of the solar panel system. Some people think that solar panels use heat while some think they make use of light to produce electricity. Let us discuss in detail the working of the solar panel system.How to Invest in the Solar Industry | SmartAsset

Kinds of solar power

There are 2 types of solar power. The first type is solar thermal power. This power makes use of sunrays to produce heat. Then the heat is used for the various tasks in the home such as boiling water or running generators for lighting homes.

The second type of solar power is produced by photovoltaic solar panels. These panels directly make use of light to produce electricity.

Now, many homeowners think that photovoltaic solar panels work in the scorching heat. But it is a wrong belief. The perfect temperature for photovoltaic solar panels is 77 degrees Fahrenheit. They fail to work if the temperature rises above 25 degrees Celsius.

In addition to that, the photovoltaic solar panelsĀ Solar Panel installation Essex work less efficiently during hot summer days. They work well in clear winter days.

How do solar panels work?

These are the steps in which the solar panels work in your homes or offices.

Capturing the sunlight

The top solar panel Brisbane comes with photovoltaic cells (PV). These cells capture the sun rays and convert them into electricity. Further, these PV cells create direct current electricity when the sun rays hit the solar panels.

Solar inverters turn solar power into electricity

Solar panels cannot work effectively without a solar inverter. It is the solar inverter that converts power into electricity. Further, different solar panels have different types of inverters. Some systems have only one inverter for the full system. On the other hand, some solar panels have microinverter.