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Rev Adam Pawley

The Rector Writes
This month I am delighted to announce the launch of THE COMMUNITY BIBLE EXPERIENCE (CBE) in both Hope Church and Emmanuel Penyffordd. If you’ve ever wanted to get a good grasp of the entire New Testament: Now is the time!

For the next five months, beginning on Trinity Sunday, 11th June, we will be reading together: The Community Bible Experience New Testament. If you’ve not yet got yourself a copy – then please pick one up from inside the church – they are £4 each – or order one by signing the list found at the back of each church. We have sold over 40 already!

Community Bible ExperienceThe CBE is a new way to read the New Testament. It uses the best-selling NIV translation of the Bible but reorders the books. For example, Paul’s letters are presented chronologically rather than longest (Romans) to shortest (Philemon). By reading Luke-Acts first (both written by the same author) we quickly learn the context into which all the other books fit.

We are providing a 5 month Summer/Autumn READING PLAN, to begin on Monday 12th June. You are invited to read your CBE New Testament for five days a week for up to ten minutes a day. This makes it manageable too: You will have two days to catch up or take a break!

For those who can’t get to church, one of the pastoral team can happily help you obtain a Bible and encourage you in this reading project too by making you a home visit – please ask Pam, Barry or myself and we’ll come and see you.

As well as reading the New Testament for ourselves, from 11th June, on a Sunday we are replacing the preaching with BOOK OVERVIEWS of the books and writers that we will be reading in the week too.

Then once a month, on a Thursday evening (carefully avoiding Ladies’ Guild weeks and bacon butty/magazine collating/M.U. Thursdays), we are opening up the church hall or Emmanuel for a QUESTION TIME. There will be food from 7pm, we’ll sing one or two hymn favourites or newer songs (as we enjoyed the Lent Course so much), and from 7:45pm you can ‘Grill the Panel’ on what you’ve read in the past month. You can bring your own questions or just come to listen. Our first of these evenings will be on Thursday 22nd June in the church hall.

Come and join us, whether you’re a church regular or not! In Christ, Adam


Food available from 7pm ~ Questions begin 7:45pm
Arrive as you please

Got Questions about the New Testament…?
It’s your chance to “Grill the Vicar!”

Each month, a panel of three trained or budding theologians, some of our own and some visiting, will do our best to answer your Questions

Bring your Question or just come to Listen. Any Question can be asked.
Everyone welcome, church regular or not.

Thu 22nd June ~ Looking at Luke
Hope Church Hall

Thu 20th July ~ The Acts of the Apostles
Emmanuel Penyffordd

Thu 24th August ~ The Apostle Paul
Hope Church Hall

Thu 21st September ~ Jewish New Testament Books
Emmanuel Penyffordd

Thu 19th October ~ Mark, Peter, Jude
Emmanuel Penyffordd

Thu 9th November ~ John’s Books & Revelation
Hope Church Hall

These evenings stand alone; but also are designed to accompany the Sunday preaching and New Testament Reading Plan that we begin following in church and at home from Sun 11 June to Fri 9 November.

A Detailed Reading Plan for June is available in the Parish Magazine.

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