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Rev Adam Pawley

The Rector writes,

The “Open The Book” School Assembly Drama team have started with a bang. The children and the staff in Abermorddu School and Ysgol Estyn along with the team members are really enjoying it! The team have presented their first two assemblies now, have two more booked in for June and July and are excited about starting regularly in September.

So far the team have retold “Jesus and the Taxman”, the story of Jesus meeting the corrupt tax collector Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus (played by a puppet) in response to meeting Jesus turned his life around and decided to pay back everything he had stolen! Secondly, the team retold the parable of “The Unforgiving Servant”, it’s a story which encourages us to be quick to forgive, especially if we know we have been forgiven much ourselves. If you would like to read the stories for yourself that the team are acting out then you can find them in Bob Hartman’s Lion Storyteller Bible (RRP £15.99), ISBN-13 978-0745964331. It comes complete with the stories retold on a set of four CDs too! It would make an excellent present for a primary school aged child.

The standard of performance within the team (which is ecumenical) is superb. This together with the ladies costume making and Roy’s props (and remembering to pray!) the stories are going down a storm (we now have a boat, a tree and a prison cell, no doubt all made out of the old pews (!) that were removed in the millennium). We look forward now to June’s story, “The Miraculous Picnic” (The Feeding of the 5,000) and in July, “The Lost Coin”.

Thank you to everyone who attended our special service of celebration in April. It really was fantastic to see so many from across the services come together to encourage one another and become envisioned as we shared with one another what has been happening across the two churches over the last twelve months.
The annual budget was presented (and will be included in the magazine in due course). I would like to say thank you again to everyone who works so hard to make this parish function the way it does, also to all of you who give not only of your talents and time but also financially too, it is a real help to have giving on the increase. The parish does continue to operate at an annual loss however and so I invite you again please to prayerfully review your giving.

Of course, however, not only does our income come by giving, but the all-important social fundraising adventures too! At Christmas in Hope, we had our best ever Christmas Fayre… a phenomenal £2000 was raised. I wonder can we do similar at our summer fete this year on 13th June? Save the date!

You will be aware of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 that became law in March 2014. Provision was made in the bill to protect churches should they not in good conscience wish to conduct such marriages. Equally provision was made for churches to “opt-in” to conducting such marriages should the church believe it is right. The Church in Wales is now conducting a national consultation right down to parish level. The Governing Body of The Church In Wales will soon enough vote.

In May, fifteen of us gathered together to read Scripture, pray, talk and listen to some of the differing heartfelt convictions on this topic. I think all of us found the evening helpful.

This month, Marriage Discernment Evenings are being held across the diocese at 7-9pm on 2 June in St Asaph Cathedral, 3 June in All Saints Church, Newtown and 4 June in St Giles’ Church, Wrexham. At the time of writing (13 May) the invitation is open to all, you can attend any event if you would like to, but booking is required. They are expected to be very popular. Please speak to a warden or myself if you would like us to book you a place. Most importantly too please pray for the church to hear the voice and will of God through these evenings and for a decision ultimately to be made by the Governing Body that will “show ourselves to be his disciples and bring glory to God” (John 15:8).

In Christ, Adam

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