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The Rector Writes
This month begins with Bishop Gregory making his Visitation to the Borderlands and Mold Mission Areas on Sunday 2nd July in St Matthews Buckley. where he will address members of the Mission Area Conferences and their committees together with clergy and wardens. Following the 3pm Visitation, afternoon tea will be served.
At 5pm there will be a Holy Communion Altogether service to which all are invited.

Bishops’ Visitations occur every three years and are an ancient practice where the diocesan bishop visits every church or deanery (now mission area) in his or her diocese. To quote Bishop Gregory, “An episcopal Visitation is a time to take stock, for the bishop to find out what’s really going on, and for the family to give voice to its honest concerns.”

Also this month, I’m delighted to announce that Readers Ann Bronnert (from St Johns) and Pam Attree are piloting a new service, ‘Destination Paradise’ on Sunday 9th July at 6:30pm in Emmanuel Church. The service is being geared to those in their 40s-60s – but is also for those who are young at heart (or ‘old at heart’ – if I include myself!) See the flyer inside.

In our Community Bible Experience New Testament Reading Plan this month, we begin the second volume of Luke’s works – The Acts of the Apostles.

The Acts of the Apostles (Acts), like Luke’s gospel, was written as a historical record of events. Here Luke gives the most complete account that we have of the birth and spread of the early church that followed immediately after Jesus’ resurrection and ascension into heaven. In particular Acts tells of the coming of the Holy Spirit and the early ministries or Acts of the Apostles Peter and Paul. We read about trials and persecutions that they faced, alongside testimonies of healings and miracles and records of individuals and large congregations of people coming to faith in Jesus Christ.

Following Luke-Acts, The Community Bible Experience New Testament encourages us to read the Apostle Paul’s 13 Letters – we read these next based on the understanding that Luke and Paul were contemporaries. Rather than read Paul’s letters from longest to shortest as they appear in the traditional order of books, we will read them chronologically. This month we will read Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians, Corinthians and Galatians and complete them in August.

Thank you to all who joined us at our Question Time last month and a big thank you to Rev Dr Jeremy Duff of St Padarn’s Institute (The Church In Wales theological institute) who assisted Pam and I on the panel. We now look forward to this months’ Question Time on Thursday 20th July, 7 for 7:30pm in Emmanuel Church, when we will be looking at Acts. Come and join us and meet this month’s mystery guest joining us on the panel!

If you’ve not yet purchased a Community Bible Experience New Testament we have restocked and they are available in both churches at £4 each (or £2.99 on Amazon Kindle).

In Christ, Adam


Refreshments from 7pm ~ Questions begin 7:30pm
Arrive as you please

Got Questions about the New Testament…?
It’s your chance to “Grill the Vicar!”

Each month, a panel of three trained or budding theologians, some of our own and some visiting, will do our best to answer your Questions

Bring your Question or just come to Listen. Any Question can be asked.
Everyone welcome, church regular or not.

Thu 20th July ~ The Acts of the Apostles
Emmanuel Penyffordd

Thu 24th August ~ The Apostle Paul
Hope Church Hall

Thu 21st September ~ Jewish New Testament Books
Emmanuel Penyffordd

Thu 19th October ~ Mark, Peter, Jude
Emmanuel Penyffordd

Thu 9th November ~ John’s Books & Revelation
Hope Church Hall

These evenings stand alone; but also are designed to accompany the Sunday preaching and New Testament Reading Plan that we begin following in church and at home from Sun 11 June to Fri 9 November.

A Detailed Reading Plan for July can be seen below and is also available to download
Click here

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