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Rev Adam Pawley

The Rector Writes,

Celebrating Hope & Emmanuel

This month plays host to our Celebrating Hope Parish with Annual Vestry Meeting Service on Sunday 17th April at 11am in Hope Church. There will be only one service this day and a very important service it is. I strongly encourage everyone who is on our electoral roll in both Hope and Emmanuel to make every effort to attend – as well as those who are curious too of course!
The liturgy will be abridged and the sermon replaced with short presentations on Worship, Mission, Finance, Church Fabric, and Friends of Hope Church. We will celebrate and give thanks for all we have achieved in the past twelve months and look forward to and pray for the coming year ahead. In addition we will elect our new PCC and church officers plus new representatives to the Deanery (Mission Area) Conference and Diocesan Conference in the very important Triennial Elections. Holy Communion will be celebrated too.

The MAC (Mission Area Conference) and the PCC (Parochial Church Council

Our transition from Deanery to Mission Area (MA) continues to be a work in progress. This said our deanery is due to be officially commissioned as a mission area by Bishop Gregory on a summer evening in July.

The relationship between the new Mission Area Conference (MAC) and Parochial Church Council (PCC) is currently being worked out at diocesan level. Certainly the overall responsibility of the PCC will change. It may be for example, that the new MAC will take on more responsibilities with respect to finance, buildings and/or legislation with a view to enabling PCCs to function as church committees or leadership teams that can focus on mission and ministry. Last month, Bishop Gregory explained to the clergy:
In 2020 Vision, the mission areas are envisioned as having much more authority and being much more active than the old deaneries, and being the ‘primary’ agencies for mission, for planning and strategy, and for shared ministry.

From ‘Parish Share’ to ‘Church Share’

One concrete decision that has been made relates to the Parish Share. The Parish Share is what each parish in the diocese currently contributes towards the cost of mission and ministry in the diocese – our parish share for 2015/16 was approximately £45k. Currently the diocese determines each parish’s share based on a parish’s average Sunday attendance and its allocation of clergy. However from 2017 the diocese will determine rather the ‘Mission Area Share’ and the Mission Area Conference will then determine for each church a ‘Church Share’. In effect the Parish Share will thus become obsolete.

Our Triennial Elections for 2016-19 on 17th April

This year, in our Annual Vestry Meeting (AVM) we have the Triennial elections. Every three years those on our electoral roll are invited at the AVM to elect lay members to the roles of
• Deanery Conference (Mission Area) Representative
• Diocesan Conference Representative
• Supplemental Deanery Conference (Mission Area) Representative (A supplemental rep. represents the appointed rep. in his/her absence)

In light of 2020 Vision and our transition from deanery to Mission Area these will be very important elections. .

A big thank you to Blodwen Ellis and Helen Dalrymple who have represented Hope and Emmanuel at deanery conference, and to Helen who has also represented the parish at diocesan level in 2013-16.

This year, our AVM must elect deanery AND diocesan representatives for BOTH Hope and Emmanuel Churches. With supplementary elections to make too, we actually have a total of SIX elections to make in addition to our PCC and PCC Officers. Nominations open on 3rd April until 16th.

I invite all on our electoral roll therefore to prayerfully consider who ‘you’ (I don’t have a vote) will elect to these important roles on 17th April.

In Christ, Adam.

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