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Information to help you plan your wedding

If you are thinking about, or even planning, a wedding in our church we hope you will find the following information and resources helpful. The Rector may already have pointed you in this direction; if not then please contact him if you are considering a church wedding here.

The Order of Service
The detailed Church in Wales Marriage Service is contained in booklets which are available in church. A similar version is available in the form of a word document (see option B below).
It is therefore possible to

A) Produce a brief Service Sheet which gives some personal details, outlines the stages of the service, and gives the words of any hymns to be sung; this is used in combination with our service booklets

A brief Service Sheet usually comprises a single sheet of card or a paper insert to a cover. The pages usually follow the pattern shown in the following outline document Outline for Brief Service Sheet

B) Produce a Full Service Sheet with the personalised choices of hymns and music together with the full Order of Service. This can be done by including one extra sheet of folded A4 in the booklet but does make it easier for guests to follow and allows them a more complete memento of the occasion. The expense will be moderate when couples produce their own copies.

Below is a link to the text of the Church in Wales marriage service. To this may be added the words of the hymns chosen and unwanted options may be omitted (together with all references to them).

It has been prepared assuming that:
1) the service is conducted entirely in English
2) the psalm, if any, is to be read rather than chanted; and
3) the service is not to include the Eucharist.
If any of the above do not apply then it would be easier to use the Holy Matrimony books which are available in the church.

Link to download the Church in Wales Order of Service

Readings from Scripture are usually chosen from Church in Wales Order of Service (see link above).

Readings which are not from the Bible may only be included with the permission of the Rector. Such readings may be more appropriately read out at the reception.

We are happy for you to add a picture of the Parish Church to your Service Sheet – these can usually be downloaded quite easily from the website.

Wedding Music

At most weddings there are two hymns. If there is to be a third, it should be one of those which is listed at the end as being a version of a psalm, and in that case, it would take the place of the psalm which is read between the two Scripture readings. As a general rule, if you are unfamiliar with any of the following, it is unlikely that your guests will know them either.Click here to download a list of wedding hymn suggestions

Music for arrival of the bride and the end of the service
Unless instructed to the contrary the organist will play the traditional bridal marches:

On the entry of the bride- The Bridal March from Lohengrin by Wagner, and
At the end of the service – Wedding March by Mendelssohn

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