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The Charity Commission has recently approved a Scheme granting the charity a revised constitution, incorporating the John Jones Trust, and enabling it to be more relevant to present circumstances.

Hope United Charities is a relief-in-need charity. This means that it is intended to offer help to those who are struggling to find the necessities of life through adversity. It is not intended as an alternative to organisations such as Social Services. Examples of what it can provide are: facilities or services in the home to help the disabled; expenses in connection with visiting dependants in hospital; and some services in care-homes or nursing homes which are not funded by the local authority.

The Charity’s funds are administered by trustees whose meetings are chaired by the Rector of Hope or, in his absence, the Area Dean of Hawarden. Applications are made to the relevant trustee:

Caergwrle – Mrs Sylvia Wallace – 01978 762207
Llanfynydd Community Council – Mr Bill Rhodes – 01978 762407
Pen-y-Ffordd – Mr Tom Jones – 01244 546472

Applicants would be required to demonstrate that they are in need. The Charity can fund only those living within the ancient parish of Hope, which includes most of Cymau but not Llanfynydd itself. The trustees would be able to advise if a particular applicant lives in an address which qualifies them for assistance. Applicants would be required to sign a receipt to acknowledge that they have received funds from the Charity. The work of the trustees is entirely confidential.

It is surprising, in these days which are proving so difficult for the finances of many, that people generally appear readier to go into debt than ask for help from a charity, even from one which has been established to offer assistance in circumstances like theirs.

The trustees are hopeful that the newly-approved constitution will enable the Charity to re-engage with the community which it was set up to assist.

Rev Martin Snellgrove, 17th April 2013