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Church Administration within the Parish

The new Borderlands Mission Area Conference has now replaced the former role of the Parochial Church Councils in its area. We now have two individual Church Committees, one for Hope and one for Emmanuel, whose priority agenda items are evangelism (growing numerically), discipleship (growing spiritually) and service (growing missionally).

Members of Hope Church Committee for 2017-18 are as follows:

Rev Adam Pawley, Worship & Prayer Rep, Evangelism & Discipleship Rep, Communications Rep
Pam Attree, Reader, Pastoral Team Rep
Barry Smith, Reader, Hall Rep, Cytun Rep
Adam Taylor, appointed as Rector’s Warden by the Rector but also serving as Financial Rep and Treasurer, assisted by Les Graham

Others elected at the Annual Vestry Meeting are:

Jan Young, People’s Warden, Worship Leader-in-training
Alison Burrows, Secretary
Blodwen Ellis, Mission Area Conference Rep, Social Committee Rep, Schools Rep
Margaret Marsh, Deputy Mission Area Conference Rep, Social Committee Rep, Pastoral Assistant
Allan Poynton, Sub warden Fabric Rep, Compliance Rep, Friends Rep
David G Hughes, Assistant Fabric Rep, Assistant Cytun Rep
Elizabeth Poynton, Diocesan Rep, Friends Rep, Pastoral Assistant, Worship Leader
David Leader
Chris Rees, Worship Leader, Choir Rep, Safeguarding Rep
Sally Ann Rhodes-Leader, Worship Leader, All Age/Messy Church Rep

Arrangements for Emmanuel Church Committee to be announced.

The Church Committee is elected annually by members of both churches and meets regularly throughout the year to make decisions about the running of the Parish. These decisions are then carried out through sub-committees which are accountable to the Committee.

Sub-committees, consist of a core of Church Committee members (and usually the Rector), but are open meetings which any church member can attend, and they are advertised at church services, in the magazine, and in the “Events and Meetings” section here.

The Fabric Sub-committee is concerned with maintenance of the churches. As well as routine maintenance a list of required work is produced every five years when the diocese carries out its Quinquennial Inspection”.

The Hall & Social Sub-committee manages the running of the Parish Hall in Hope and also plans and runs an annual programme of social events which are widely advertised.
Hope Parish HallThe Parish Hall is available for hire, and the contact for this is Barry Smith. His contact details are available in the magazine and email inquiries can be made to via this website.

The Communications Sub-committee is comprised of those church members who produce the Parish Magazine, maintain contact with local papers and radio stations, produce publicity information for events, and edit the website.
Magazine coverThe Parish Magazine has been running now for over 100 years and is edited and printed each month by Kathleen Graham. As well as news and information about our churches it contains many and various reports from local organisations, and provides local businesses with an advertising opportunity. For further information contact mag@hopeparishflintshire.org.uk

The Compliance Sub-committee ensures that we observe statutory requirements in areas such a Health & Safety, Child Protection and Licensing for Public Places.

The Worship Committee meets about three times a year to discuss the pattern of worship and possible changes, to plan “special” services. It focuses generally on worship at St Cynfarch’s while the congregation at Emmanuel generally arrange things with the Rector and the Lay Reader, but operates as a broader “parish” sub-committee as required.