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On Tuesday 4th July, pupils & staff from years 2 & 3 at Ysgol Estyn visited Church as part of their village walk. They came prepared with a lot of questions about the church and the churchyard, and it was the job of Rev Adam & his helpers to try to answer.

How old is the church?, when was the tower built?, when were the bells installed? Where is the oldest grave?, and the youngest one? And many more!.

Then the pupils looked around the church, saw the various graves outside, climbed up to the pulpit. But the big attraction was the old organ. Adam showed how the pipe organ works by blowing down wooden pipes from an old organ from Newtown. Then many had a go at actually playing the church organ – the picture shows the orderly queue.

After that it was a case of collecting their bags & getting ready for the long walk to Caergwrle Castle.