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A big thank you to David Hughes who has ‘adopted’ the steps & pathway leading from our West Gate up to the Church. Lots of weeds, & debris from the overhanging copper beech, had made the approach very untidy. Verges were also growing unevenly onto the path. After several hours of graft, the approach is now very tidy, as these pictures show.

David Pickering has also been busy, as ever, especially over the past few weeks & has spent a lot of time cutting the churchyard grass which had become overgrown. He has been nobly assisted by our 4 sheep (sorry 3 !) .

At the last Hall Committee meeting, it was agreed that Blodwen could spend up to £250 to replace the outside notice board on the Hall. It had become impossible to see through the perspex screen, & the backing had just broken away. This was a challenge for David Ellis. By purchasing a new screen, & backing, & using his DIY skills, we now have a ‘good as new’ noticeboard for only about £50 – as can be seen in the picture.

(Thanks to Allan for this article and photos.)