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We have now been commissioned by the Bishop!

The Mission Area is a group of local churches which seek to work together to share resources and encourage each other.
Our Rector, Rev Adam Pawley, will stay “rooted” in the churches of Hope and Emmanuel so much will stay familiar, but we hope that working together with neighbouring churches can help us to feel part of a larger family. Our Mission Area Leader is Rev Martin Batchelor who is based in Bistre.

On Tuesday 19th July a service was held at St Matthew’s Church, Buckley, to celebrate the establishment of our new Borderlands Mission Area.
Bishop Gregory at the Borderlands Commissioning ServiceBishop Gregory attended, preaching and commissioning both lay and clergy to service in the new setup.
The combined choirs from the various churches were augmented by members of the St John’s Community Choir and gave the service a particularly celebratory feeling.
Choir at the Borderlands Commissioning Service
The music was ably led by the St John’s music group, led by Andrew Bronnert.
Music Group at the Borderlands Commissioning Service